Port St. Lucie rape survivor wins fight in nation's highest court
Military rape survivor Harmony Allen of Port St. Lucie. (Images provided by Harmony Allen)

A rape survivor from Port St. Lucie wins her fight in the U.S. Supreme Court,

The nation's highest court ruled 8-0 on a case whether troops can be prosecuted for sexual assaults from decades ago.

The case centers around Harmony Allen, raped by her instructor in the Air Force in 2000. A military court convicted the instructor in July 2017 and sentenced him to jail. The instructor was freed in May 2019 due to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces misinterpreting the Congressionally-mandated statute of limitations.

Congressman Brian Mast helped elevate the case to the Supreme Court. Mast also introduced Harmony's Law in 2019 to prevent convicted military rapists from being freed on a misconstrued technicality.

"This has been a long and difficult journey, but today’s ruling finally brings me peace," said Allen in a statement released by Congressman Mast's office.  "For years, I had to live with the fact that my rapist was set free with nothing stopping him from doing to another innocent woman what he did to me.  Today’s decision changes that, and after all these years, I can finally take a deep breath knowing that justice has been served."

“Harmony Allen has been relentless in her fight for justice to hold her rapist accountable for the crimes he committed, and I am proud to stand by her today in victory," said Rep. Mast.

Thursday's decision means Allen's rapist will be headed back to prison.

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