Lantana man accused of setting woman on fire in jealous rage
Luis Quinonez was arrested for first-degree murder after attempting to set a woman on fire.(PBSO)

A man is behind bars after he set a 61-year-old woman on fire Monday night after he found she was with another man, the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office said.

Luis Angel Quinonez is being charged with attempted first-degree murder.

When deputies arrived to the home on San Castle Boulevard, the home was engulfed in flames, according to the sheriff's office. The woman was taken to Delay Medical Center, then later flown to Jackson Memorial in Miami with second and third-degree burns. Quinonez was hosing down the home when he was detained.

Quinonez told deputies his mother passed away about a month ago and the victim used to be her caretaker, the sheriff's office said. She'd been living with them over the years, moved out, then returned to live with them within the last eight months. The woman was renting a bedroom in the house where Quinonez and a relative of his lived.

However, Quinonez said he got angry when he found out that she was sleeping with his relative, which he says added to "all of the problems he had accumulating in his life," according to the sheriff's office. Quinonez said he was drinking that night and became enraged about their "romantic relationship." He started yelling at the woman and told her to leave the home, saying "she better not be home" by the time he left and returned.

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Quinonez told deputies he walked to a nearby gas station, filled up a container and return to the home, the sheriff's office said. When he returned and saw she was still there, he stormed into her room, poured gasoline all over her bed and used a lighter to ignite the fire.

Although Quinonez and the woman had never been involved in a sexual relationship, he expressed he loved her and wished he killed his relative instead, who was not there when the fire happened.

Witnesses told detectives they saw the woman from the side of the home covered in flames and her skin was peeling, according to the sheriff's office. They said Quinonez grabbed a hose, walked past the woman, and starting spraying water on the house. They also said the woman pointed at Quinonez (while on fire) and said he poured gasoline on her and set her on fire.

Quinonez is currently being held without bond at the Palm Beach County Jail. As of Tuesday, the woman is still in critical condition.

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