'You don’t ever want to disgrace the flag:' MCSO deputy saves American flag from Irma

Lt. Danny Cunningham saved the American flag as it was getting battered by winds and rain during Hurricane Irma. (WPEC)

While the winds were whirling and the rain was pouring during Hurricane Irma, deputies were still patrolling the area.

Lt. Danny Cunningham, a deputy with the Martin County Sheriff’s Office, was one of several deputies out during the storm.

While he was patrolling, he saw an American flag getting beaten by the wind and the rain.

“It was hanging on with one clip still and I just didn't want to see it go on the ground,” Cunningham said.

He got out of his cruiser and took the flag down, saying the American flag is why he patrols the streets and why he wears it on his uniform.

“We’re only one of two agencies in the state of Florida who still have the flag on their uniform and that means something to me,” Cunningham said.

He had no idea he was being filmed; he said he was just protecting something he believes in.

Cunningham says if there’s a hurricane coming or just a regular storm, take down your flag.

“I have one at my residence and I took that and the POW flag down prior to and it went back up today,” he said.

Cunningham now has the flag folded and safely with him. He plans on finding out who is responsible for leaving the flag out.

“You don't ever want to disgrace the flag."

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