Florida residents say FPL is taking too long to restore power

FPL restoring power after Hurricane Matthew. Photo courtesy: Florin Nisip

Crews continue to work around the clock trying to restore power to tens of thousands of people along the Treasure Coast who are still in the dark following Hurricane Matthew.

While crews are working to restore power, more than 400,000 people are still without it.

In Fort Pierce, patience is starting to wear thin.

Carlene Elkins says she’s been without power since late Thursday night.

“Horrible, it’s been really bad,” she said. “The heat has been extremely bad; it was 105 degrees in my house at one point.”

In her neighborhood along South 3rd Street, one side of the street never lost power while just a few feet over on the other side, there’s no power at all.

Neighbors are now leaning on each other until it gets fixed.

“We’ve been trying to kind of just go back and forth,” Elkins said. “My one neighbor last night came over and asked me if I wanted to put what I had in my freezer, in his freezer since he has electricity.”

Elkins gets her power from Fort Pierce Utilities Authority. She says they told her, it could still be another three to four days before it’s back on.

“To me, it’s inhumane,” she said. “My dogs are overheated, I’m overheated. It’s not safe.”

Several thousand people in St. Lucie County were still without power on Saturday morning. Most of them are Florida Power & Light customers. Officials with FPL say they expect to have full restoration to those people by the end of Sunday. In addition to those people, there still hundreds more people without power who get their supply from other companies within the municipalities, including Fort Pierce.

To track the number of FPL outages county by county, click here or receive Matthew recovery alerts on your phone.

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