Tropical Storm Otto Forms in the Caribbean Sea

Track of tropical depression 16. Forecast to become Otto

A late season tropical depression formed Monday morning in the southwest Caribbean. By Monday afternoon the system had grown into a tropical storm. This system is expected through strengthen this week, and could become a hurricane by mid-week

As of the Monday morning advisory from the National Hurricane Center, Tropical Storm Otto is located at coordinates 11.5N, 79.3W, which is just north of Panama in Central America. The highest sustained winds near the center of the system are 50 mph. It is nearly stationary, with not much additional movement expected today.

Strengthening is expected through midweek, as the pressure lowers and winds ramp up near the center of the system. The NHC expects that the storm will strengthen to tropical storm, and eventually a hurricane over the next few days. A landfall into Nicaragua is expected by Thursday.

There is no threat to Florida or the United States. Those with interests in central America or the Caribbean Sea should continues to keep an eye on this system over the next several days.

Hurricane season 2016 technically ends November 30, but tropical systems have formed in every calendar month.

Track the system on the CBS12 Hurricane Center page

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