Floridians on the hunt for gas following Hurricane Irma

CBS12's Kristen Chapman reports on the hunt for gas as Floridians return home after Hurricane Irma. (WPEC)

As thousands of Floridians return home or to work after Hurricane Irma, gas remains in short supply and motorists are still scrambling to find a place to fill up.

Driving down main roads in Palm Beach County, nearly every gas station has placed "No Gas" warning signs on the pumps. Some places like Wawa, who kept everyone fueled before the hurricane, were even forced to roll out the yellow caution tape.

When fuel can be found, it's few and far between. The high demand forces people to wait in lines up to 45 minutes long.

"I went all the way down to Lantana and Congress, the fuel stations there were closed," resident Stephanie Gust said. "I came back to Lake Worth Road and Congress. And I have been everywhere until finally I saw a line here and I just got in it".

The line she hopped in started forming at the Shell station on Congress Avenue and Ranch House Road. They received 9,000 gallons of gas during an overnight shipment, but were already running low by noon.

Many people like Adrienne Bernadznao also brought several gas cans.

"We don't know when the power is going to come back, so we need to be prepared for at least three days," he said, adding that he needed the gas cans to keep his generator operating.

The GasBuddy app is a great too to search for gas in your area. The app has a tracker in which users can type in a specific location and it brings up a map with color coded markers that show stations that have gas, have limited gas options and have no power.

GasBuddy can be downloaded from the app store or online.

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