Families return to Glades, more damage apparent


Families began returning to their homes Tuesday in Western Palm Beach County.

Although their communities were wrecked in many ways, they know it could have been worse.

"It was sad, because it's like you don't expect it to be this way," resident Ana Mojica said.

Huge trees were blown down next to Mojica's home, tearing open her neighbor's mobile home and smashing a car.

"It was very sad, because of the situation the family that lives there," she said. "We didn't know what to think, if they were there or if they were not there."

Nobody was in the home at the time of the incident. Mojica said her family was trying to learn where the mobile home's residents are located.

Mojica is a high school student who left town with her family after Gov. Rick Scott ordered an evacuation of the communities on the south side of Lake Okeechobee.

Mojica's family went to Kissimmee and only experienced strong winds, she said. Back home, Mojica realized the road back to normal will be tough.

"We're okay, just no power," she said. "And it was very hot last night."

Standing water presents another issue for people in the Glades.

While the flooding in Ralph Cisneros' neighborhood has receded quite a bit, there's still water everywhere.

"We evacuated, came back, came home to a disaster," he said. "Palm trees everywhere, yards are flooded -- chaos out here, man."

Cisneros took his family to Orlando to wait out Irma.

When Cisneros returned, he found water surrounding his house.

He then took his family to stay with his wife's parents, where there was less flooding.

By Tuesday, the water was way down in Cisneros' yard. He's now preparing his generator and will move his family back home.

"It's going to be awhile," he said. "I mean, hopefully, we can get some trucks out here and get some light, man. That's what people most want here, just power to be running."

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