Eco Interviews Episode 2: Interview with Chasing Coral Documentary Creator Jeff Orlowski

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In this episode of Eco Interviews we interview the Creator of the Sundance Film Festival Award winning Film Chasing Coral. It is the latest Netflix documentary showcasing the changing landscape of reefs under the ocean surface. Coral is bleaching and dying at an alarming rate all around the world. Here in South Florida scientists estimate that we have lost 90% of our coral cover since the middle 20th Century. Scientists attribute this both to warming water due to climate change as well as stress on local reefs like tourists, boaters and run off from land. Jeff's hope for Chasing Coral is that the film casts a wide net and is able to emotionally connect people to the unfolding reef catastrophe with compelling video and story telling. Here's the interview. Enjoy!!

Thank you for watching.

Jeff Berardelli, Meteorologist and Ocean lover

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