Weekend Weather Kid: Vanessa Zito

Weekend Weather Kid: Vanessa Zito

Meet our most recent CBS12 Weekend Weather Kid, Vanessa! Vanessa joined us at the CBS12 world headquarters in West Palm Beach at the dark and early hour of 6 a.m! She's also one of our youngest WWK's at just nine years old. A little secret from behind the scenes; we did give Vanessa a box to stand on to seem taller on TV. But even some adult anchors do that here!

Vanessa is very enthusiastic about her school, The Benjamin School, as well as playing for her Predators soccer team.

To see how Vanessa did on the weather forecast, just click the video above!

We host the weather kids and their families each Saturday morning. Folks get a behind the scenes tour and meet our staff. To nominate a CBS12 Weekend Weather Kid, send us an e-mail to

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