Weekend Weather Kid: Julian

Behind the scenes: Julian and Adrian learn about radar meteorology

Meet our most recent Weekend Weather Kid, Julian!

Julian attends the Weiss School and also plays a role in a Maltz Jupiter Theatre production. He's part of the cast of Disney's The Little Mermaid, showing at the Maltz on Friday, July 29 and Saturday, July 30. On this Saturday morning prior to the production, he joined Meteorologist Steve Glazier in delivering the weather forecast. To watch how he did, just click on the image above and the video will play!

Weekend Weather Kid is a segment on the CBS12 Saturday morning newscast where local students have an opportunity to deliver part of the weather forecast. They get a tour of the news station, learn about meteorology and forecasting from Steve, and of course...get to be on local TV! To nominate someone, send us an e-mail to this address Preferred age groups are elementary school to high school. We look forward to hearing from you!

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