2016: A Warm Year for South Florida

2016Temps summary from NWS Miami

What a year it has been for south Florida weather! From the close call with hurricane Matthew, to various severe weather outbreaks, to record heat, there are so many notable weather events this year. Much of the year could be summarized by the warmth here in south Florida.

Before we dig into the numbers, first let's talk statistics (riveting, I know!). There are several locations across the world that track daily weather information. When keeping long term track of temperatures or weather information, we can use the term climate. From that climate data, we can infer changes in daily weather or trends compared to the long term. We have 2 climate sites in our local area, Vero Beach and West Palm Beach...also nearby, Miami is a climate site where we can track long term weather data. The data dates back to 1888 in West Palm Beach, 1895 in Miami, and 1942 for Vero Beach.

When looking at climate data, or long term "averages", we can compare the recent weather to it to infer warmer/cooler than average, or wetter/drier than average, among other values. When we talk about "average" temperatures, you can calculate numbers just for the morning low temps, for the daytime high temps, or overall daily average. For the purpose of this blog, I'm talking about the overall combination of daytime and nighttime temps.

SO, now the results...the numbers are in.

Data from the National Weather Service in Miami shows West Palm Beach had a very warm 2016, ranking the 5th warmest on record (recall, record data dates back to 1888 for this area). West Palm Beach tallied an overall average temperature of 77.3, which is about 1.9 degrees warmer than average.

In Miami, the climate site ranked 3rd warmest at 78.2 degrees, or 1 degree warmer than average.

In Vero Beach, the climate site ranked 7th warmest. (data from the National Weather Service office in Melbourne FL)

While these numbers are extreme, the year 2015 still holds the top spot for hottest year on record for the West Palm Beach area.

These numbers are still "unofficial" or "incomplete" since the year isnt over yet!

You can read up on the full summary from the National Weather Service by clicking here and being redirected to the writeup.

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