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      1. TV ADVERTISING HELPS ATTRACT NEW PROSPECTS Twenty-percent of families will move this year. Some five million people will be married. The market is constant change - new jobs, new incomes. TV Advertising is tremendously helpful in directing newly located families to the product and services they need, and helps put you ahead of your competition.

      2. YOUR COMPETITION ISN'T QUITTING You've got to advertise to get your share of business or lose it to the stores that do. If you cut back on your advertising, you may forfeit new prospective customers to your competition.

      3. ADVERTISING GIVES YOU THE ADVANTAGE OVER COMPETITORS WHO CUT BACK A five year survey of more than 3,000 companies found that advertisers who maintained or expanded advertising during a troubled economy saw sales increase an average of 100%.

      4. TV ADVERTISING SETS THE RECORD STRAIGHT In a troubled economy, rumors and bad news travel fast. TV advertising corrects gossip, shoots down false reports and projects positively.

      5. CONTINUOUS TV ADVERTISING STRENGTHENS YOUR IMAGEFOR TOMORROW When people who postpone buying come back to the marketplace, you've got a better chance of getting their business if you've continued to maintain a solid, reliable image.

      6. TV ADVERTISING LENDS A HAND IN MAINTAINING INTERNAL MORALE When advertising and promotion are cut, salespeople become de-motivated. They may believe the store is cutting back, even going out of business.

      7. CONTINUOUS TV ADVERTISING SHOW THAT YOUR DOORS ARE OPEN Salespeople are on the payroll. As long as you're in business, you have overhead and you've got to advertise to generate a steady cash flow.

      8. TV ADVERTISING IS COST EFFICIENT TV's dual advantages - demographic and geographic numbers - afford local advertisers the impact of local advertising cost efficiencies.

      9. ONLY TV ADVERTISING GIVES YOU THE ADDED IMPACT TV's unique selling advantages of sight, sound, motion and color combined with targeting ability offers more to the local advertiser than any other advertising medium.

      10. TV ADVERTISING IS THE MOST EFFECTIVE WAY TO GENERATE STORE TRAFFIC Retailers know that bringing in traffic is the first step not only to making sales, but also to selling additional merchandise. A survey showed that for every 100 merchandise items which shoppers plan to buy, they make 30 unanticipated purchases.

      Contact Dan Stellmon(Sales Manager) or call: 208.746.2636