What's Lincoln Thinkin' - Bracket Breakdown with The Greek


Offices all over the country are coming just a little big close-knitted this week. Time to ask Debra in accounting if she is interested in being a part of the NCAA Tournament Bracket. The Greek from Real Radio stopped by the station to help breakdown this year's bracket, but here are a few superlatives, about what I think is going to happen this week in the Big Dance.

Highest Seeded Team most likely to pull off an upset: #13 Vermont

#12 Seed most likely to win in the first and second round: Middle Tennessee State

Most intriguing 8-9 game: Miami/Michigan State (and I'm taking the 'Canes)

Most questionable first round selection: #12 Princeton over #5 Notre Dame

Most surprising pick of a team with a higher seed that most people think is actually going to lose: #7 Dayton over #10 Wichita State

#1 seed most likely to get knocked out the first weekend: Well, none of them. But I'll say Villanova.

Highest seed most likely to get knocked out the first weekend: #3 Baylor

Trendy underdog that deserves to be believed in: #12 Middle Tennessee State

Trendy underdog that shouldn't be believed in: #13 East Tennessee State

Best storyline game in the first round: #15 Northern Kentucky vs. #2 Kentucky

Team that I will cry about the longest if they lose in the opening weekend: #1 Kansas. I can't stand to lose my national champion that early again.

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