Emotional and confusing signing day for Sebastian River's Jarez Parks

It's always emotional on National Signing Day when student athletes officially sign on with the college of their choice, but emotion was taken to a whole new level on Wednesday at Sebastian River High School. As a packed school auditorium prepared to hear former CBS12 Athlete of the Week Jarez Parks announce his college decision at a special school assembly, Parks instead broke down crying.

The four-star defensive end prospect announced through tears that he would not be making his choice official, despite already announcing on several social media platforms that he was signing with Alabama. Several reports then surfaced that Alabama's offer was wavering, because of some other signings, and that left Jarez heartbroken at his signing day.

"It's the next step in your life," says immediately after the assembly about wanting to make the right decision. "So you don't want to just go off with an assumption or something like that."

Later in the afternoon, Parks did commit to Alabama, but as a grayshirt, meaning he's accepted a delayed roster spot with the ability to enroll, despite not yet being on scholarship. If a player on the current roster does not academically quality Parks could be there to take his spot.

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