The Honda Classic's 17th hole has the perfect perch for Patriots

There's no better food, camaraderie or stories to be told than at the Patriots Outpost overlooking the par three 17th at the Honda Classic. It’s a perch that’s free of change, so all veterans can enjoy the freedom they gave us all.

"This is what we served for this is what we are defending each and every day, says retired Lieutenant Colonel Tom Oettinger. “Especially those who are in the military right now. It's been an honor to be here and it's been an honor to serve."

"This is like the best spot on the course, it's pretty awesome,” says Tim and Zach Sketchley, brothers who both served in the Marines. “We are blood brothers, but it's almost as though the people who I served with (are) just as close. So now (me and my brother) have that double bond."

And then there's Ed Simmons and Jim Parrillo, who met at the Patriots Outpost only to discover they were in the same battalion during the Vietnam war. "We can look around and say we were a part of history that provided this for our kids and grandkids."

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