Rookie Rahm could have what it takes to win the Masters

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22 year old John Rahm is looking to make a major splash at Augusta National this week. While a Masters first-timer has only won the green jacket once in 80 years, very few doubt that Rahm has the game to do it.

"I'm going to hit it hard and high," said Rahm after practice. "That's what I do, and see what happens."

Rahm was the first ever two time college golfer of the year at Arizona State, and had now gone from amateur to the 14th ranked player in the world in less than a year. This week he played a practice round with anotrher former Sun Devil Phil Mickelson, and Rahm took some pointers from the 3-time green jacket winner.

"You can also overburden yourself with trying to learn the course so much that it detracts away from your performance," says Mickelson. "I think it's better for him to just go out and play."

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