Inner city kids get taste of Honda Classic

PGA National in Palm Beach Gardens is the place to be this weekend - and The 3rd round of the Honda Classic is wrapped up Saturday.

For the third straight day, PGA national was rocking they are expecting around 200,000 people to walk through the gates. There was a special group there Saturday - of kids that are getting their first opportunity to see a sporting event like this.

Golf can be more than just a game.

"It teaches them how to have good manners and how to be respectful," says Palm Beach Lakes High School junior Nyla Sims.

A group of about 30 kids as part of the Inner City Youth Golfers were guests at the Honda Classic Saturday. Palm Beach Athletics Hall of Famer Malachi Knowles has put some golf classes for these inner city kids, and Saturday was their big reward for finishing the class.

"We taught them how people would act, when a good shot is hit," says Knowles. "No yelling, no jumping, no profanity."

For some of the kids, this day is unlike anything they've ever been a part of. "The kids from Boynton and Delray have never been out of Boynton and Delray," says Knowles.

But Sims has all ready fallen in love with golf, and hopes to help other youths in the area do the same.

"I like the challenge," she says. "Sometimes you hit the ball right - I want to know how I can do it again."

Yes the Honda Classic can be a big party - but it can be a big classroom as well.

The Inner City Youth Golfers were a beneficiary of Honda Classic Cares, the charitable arm of the tournament.

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