Former 'Cane Kirk trades ball for code

Former Hurricane Donnavan Cook is now the President of TK2 Coding Bootcamps in Boca Raton.

Just three years after playing his final game at the University of Miami, Donnavan Kirk gave up playing professional basketball.

Now back in South Florida, he has set a course to a new future building a business that helps people create their own new destiny.

Kirk played at the highest level college basketball from 2009-2014, at Miami and at DePaul - the 6'9" Kirk was a dependable big man.

And while he still owns a 'Canes jersey he can wear, he prefers the one that stays framed in his office.

Does he miss playing basketball? "I wish I could say I did. But I don't," he admits.

In February, Kirk left his pro team in Japan to start a new venture - TK2 Coding Bootcamps in Boca Raton. The company holds 10 and 16 week programs that teach people how to write code for computer programs and apps.

"It kind of empowers people. It helps build something and launch it out to the world."

A top recruit coming out of the Detroit area, Kirk had NBA dreams at one point in his life. But after his sophomore year in college, he saw the writing on the wall and hit the books hard.

"I took (academics) very seriously, because the ball will stop dribbling at some time."

Kirk will still play some pickup games, but his basketball days are over - not that he regrets them one bit.

"It gives you so many life lessons, you can not not like it. "But I said 'Thank you' and now have moved on to something else."

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