Fins' rookie Asiata goes toe-to-toe with Suh at OTAs

Dolphins fifth round pick Isaac Asiata

Fans love their touchdown-scoring wide receivers, quarterback-sacking defensive ends, and the field generals under center.

There may not be a position on an NFL team less exciting than offensive guard. But one of the youngest Dolphins is bringing some personality to the position.

Fifth round draft pick Isaac Asiata is not your typical football player - he wore face paint during his college days at the University of Utah, and took a two-year church mission away from college.

But he's trying to lay low as the low man on the totem pole - even though there's a chance he could start at either left or right guard come the fall.

Asiata admits he's certainly faced some challenges in his first few weeks of OTAs, having to line up across one of the best in the NFL, Ndamukong Suh. Asiata says he hasn't won once on the line against Suh yet.

Asiata, like the other rookies, are wearing blank helmets. Head coach Adam Gase says they have to earn the logo. Asiata says he's also not going to start wearing face paint, until he feels earned playing time.

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