Wide receivers Soloman & Woods helping to electrify FAU spring practice

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FAU Spring Football practice is as pumped up as it's been in a while, and brand new head coach Lane Kiffin wouldn’t have it any other way. The new offense is starting to click as well, and an incredible one handed snag from Kamrin Soloman from brand new QB D’Andre Johnson was dubbed by some as the catch of the spring.

"It definitely adds to the offensive chemistry" said Solomon, "you know when you make plays like that, obviously the Offensive Coordinator believes in you more, and the quarterbacks' believe in you more."

D' Andre Johnson threw the pass that electrified practice. "It brings energy, you know, first couple of drives fell kind of flat, but with Kam closing a drive off like that, you know it just...everyone got excited. It was a great way to end practice. Kam is just an electric player, very fundamental."

Fellow teammate and senior wide receiver Kalib Woods said "I caught chills, I was excited for was amazing to be on the field, and to see that catch right in front of me".

With the fast pace practice, the offense remains hungry to produce big time plays in order to bring energy to the field.

"That's probably my favorite (catch) so far, I plan on making plenty more though, I want to make more" said Solomon.

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