Palm Beach State baseball still a perfect springboard for success

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Kevin Siegrist never could have imagined he'd be making 1.6-Million Dollars this season for the St. Louis Cardinals when he was playing for the Palm Beach State Panthers a few years ago. He's just one example of what head coach Kyle Forbes' program does for young and talented Palm Beach County Baseball players.

The Panthers have a Palm Beach County heavy roster year after year, and the ultimate goal is to get everyone to a four-year university after their two years are finished. Former Benjamin star Baylen Sparks, who scored the first two runs on Saturday in a 4-2 win over Indian River, has earned his way to Stetson next season, along with fellow sophomore and friend James Buckley.

"We just do a really good job of holding each other accountable," says Sparks. "We want to win, and we demand each other to do our best."

"When guys are looking to sign with a division one school they are hungry and they're going to play hard," says Forbes. "because they know they have people in the stands who are watching, so it's a big motivator."

"We've been trying to reach the same goals since we were kids," says Buckley. "We're all trying to make it to the bigs one day, so we all help each other try to be the best we can be."

The Panthers are hoping to get back to the National Championship like they did in 2013. They are now 33-10, while ranked 3rd in the State and 7th in the Nation.

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