Marlins home opener a tribute to heros and the late Jose Fernandez

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Livan Hernandez and other players from the 1997 World Series champions threw out the opening pitch, as the Marlins were officially back in South Florida.

"It's nice to be back," says Marlins outfielder Christian Yelich with a smile. "Be home,get your home opener (behind you), and then your season starts rolling a little bit."

Christian Yelich was returning as a hero along with his teammate Giancarlo Stanton. Both celebrated as Team USA World Baseball champions before the game.

"Those guys came back riding on the clouds," says Marlins manager Don Mattingly. "I think they loved it. I think that has a chance to come back into our locker room through the course of the season, if we could be that type of club that gets ourselves closer to those (type of) games."

Meanwhile the late Jose Fernandez was on everyone's mind on throughout the home opener. While the team says it's still a little bit too early emotionally to have an official tribute to Jose Fernandez, they are going to play exactly the way Jose would have wanted them to play.

"Play with the same passion he brought here every day," explains Dee Gordon. "Just continue to play hard, because you never know when your last day could be playing this great game. So just play hard like it's your last."

"Don't take anything for granted," adds Yelich. "And don't take this game for granted. You never know how many days or games you're going to get, so just appreciate them and kind of take that to heart a little bit.

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