Juno Beach's Lanny Carrero not backing down in his fight against Multiple Sclerosis

Juno Beach's Lanny Carrero rode his bike 75 miles in the Bike M-S Breakaway to Key Largo this weekend. Not only did he raise money for Multiple Sclerosis, the disease he's living with, but he set a personal best record of 5 hours and 28 minutes.

Carrero has been battling MS for the better part of three decades, training in his custom make bike despite unthinkable setbacks.

MS has ravaged Carrero's body both physically and mentally. "From cognitive, to pain in the feet, to everything in between," says Carrero as he described his symptoms, "from vision to taste to swallowing, those things are never seen by the average person just looking at me, but they're there."

Symptoms that ended Lanny's career as a police officier, which is why riding his bike, and raising money and awareness for MS is so important. "It's no longer about what you can't do," explains Carrero, "it's about the things you can still do."

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