FAU Football prepares for Navy game without an official starting quarterback

Boca Raton, Fla.

As the Florida Atlantic Football team prepares for their opener against Navy on Friday night, it's still an offense without an official starting quarterback. Transfer De'Andre Johnson, along with last year's starter Jason Driskel and former Dwyer star Daniel Parr all seem to have potential, but may not know who's "QB-1" until the last minute, so to speak.

"Probably not right before the game," says head coach Lane Kiffin about when he'll tell them. "You'd like them to know at practice, you know that last final practice, and it could be multiple guys."

If not having an official starting quarterback is bothering any of the FAU Quarterbacks, they certainly aren't showing it. In fact, they say this scenario has given them razor sharp focus, and they're ready for anything.

"Everyone will be ready to play," says Parr, "so I think that's the one good thing about it, and maybe that's the reason why they haven't named the starter yet."

"I've been every position here," says Driskel. "I've been third string, second string, started games, your level of preparation should be consistent, that's what gets you starting, that's what gets you playing, that's what,if you do play, is going to keep you on the field."

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