Dolphins make moves official on first day of Free Agency

Ndamukong Suh (Sun-Sentinel)

On the first day of free agency, the Dolphins were very busy - finalizing some deals that had been reported for days, and also making some others that are setting them up for the future.

As expected, the Dolphins released defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh, linebacker Lawrence Timmons and tight end Julius Thomas. The Fins also finalized the trade of Jarvis Landry to the Browns for a fourth round pick this year, and a seventh round pick next year. The Fins also officially acquired defensive end Robert Quinn from the Los Angeles Rams.

The Dolphins are also making two more subtle moves to help create cap space. The Fins played the contract shell game, giving Ryan Tannehill more money up front, but freeing up about 11 million dollars in cap room. The Fins also restructured Reshad Jones's deal, to add 6 million in cap space. Now the Fins can go spend more money in free agency.

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