Athlete of the Week: Royal Palm Beach's Jaime Tino

For four years, Royal Palm Beach has had the "Queen of the K - Jaime Tino has lead the county in strikeouts her previous three years, and has a chance to do it again her senior season.

She takes the circle for the Wildcats every single game, and now she's front and center as the CBS12 Athlete of the Week.

Tino is an imposing force in the softball circle..

"I consider when I'm pitching, I'm winning," says Tino. "When I strike people out, I win."

And she wins a lot - she's struck out over 700 batters in her career at Royal Palm.

"I've got players that go a whole game without getting a ball hit to them," says Royal Palm Head Coach Dave Hir. "Two or three games without getting a ball hit to them."

"Coach Dave says 'Give Jaime 4 runs and we'll win every game,' says Tino. "I say, 'Give me two runs.'"

As if her smoke and spin on the ball is not intimidating enough - there's that mask. But she's not wearing it by choice.

"At 12 and unders, I was at practice and got in the face with the ball and broke my cheek bone."

"The ball took her right off her feet, it was scary," says her mom, Kim. "She didn't want to leave practice, and I said, you're going to the emergency room."

And now she doesn't ever sit out, pitching every game for 9-2 Royal Palm Beach, and her competitiveness does not end there - she's also the team's leading hitter, batting over .600 and in the top 10 percent of her class.

"Jaime does not accept being second best," says Hir. "Whether its in the classroom, the circle, or the batters' box."

Off and on the field, Jaime Tino is in control, as Royal Palm Beach's "Queen of the K".

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