Florida man gets shock of lifetime after this crawls out of car hood

Tim Mokwa was driving home from work this afternoon when he noticed something odd peaking out of the hood of his car (Photo: Tim Mokwa)

DUNDEN, Florida (WPEC) - A Clearwater man got quite a shock while driving home from work Monday.

Tim Mokwa noticed something odd peaking out of the hood of his car. When he came to a stop, he snapped a picture of it.

"This guy decides to pop his head out from under the hood. And tried to come in the window. About a 6 footer," he said.

A 6-foot-long snake, that is!

Mokwa says the snake was resting its head on the side-view mirror and tried getting into the car window.

"I rolled window up just in time. He was resting his head on the side view mirror for like 10 secs before he slithered around the hood," Mokwa posted on his Facebook page.

So what happened to the snake? That's a good question.

"Still don't know if he fell off or went back under hood. The worst part is I don't know if he went back under the hood or on the ground."

After a good search inside and outside of the car, Tim thinks the snake got tired of hitch-hiking and slithered onto the ground, hopefully far away from his car.

The type of snake is still up for debate.

The snake appears to be a southern black racer snake, though some argue it was a water moccasin, aka, cottonmouth which is a venous snake known to Florida.

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