Boca broker giving up her commission to help property owners cut ties with Donald Trump

Story by Melissa Howell/CBS12

BOCA RATON (CBS12) - The backlash over Donald Trump's comments is growing and tonight one real estate broker is taking a stand of her own.{} Camila Murata says Trump's recent comments about Mexicans bringing drugs and crime into the U.S., as well as being rapists, were offensive.

"I work with Mexican buyers and that's not who they are," says Murata.

Murata is a broker with The Palm Beach Group in Boca Raton.{} She's also happens to be from Colombia Now, she's using her business to fight back. "On my side of work, I would not charge a fee and I would lease their properties the way that I lease any other properties."

So far, 3 brokers with The Palm Beach Group have offered to sell Trump properties for owners who want nothing to do with the presidential hopeful, free. In an industry dependent on commission, Murata says the decision is all about principal.

Trump's recent jump in the headlines hasn't come without a cost. But it's a cost one financial wealth expert says is well worth the return.

Jon Ulin with Ulin&Co. Wealth Management says "Donald Trump may lose some friends in the short term but he's definitely benefiting from this."

Ulin says the billionaire isn't likely to go broke, despite the big businesses like Univision and Macy's who have cut ties with Trump for his off color comments.

"Whether it's 5 or 10 billion, a good portion of the Donald's holdings are in real estate and we all know that real estate's going up 80 to 100 percent in the past 5 years," says Ulin.

But despite the billionaire real estate mogul's unlikely financial tumble, Murata only wants one thing.

"An apology to all Latin America people and all immigrants would be much appreciated," says Murata.