The Mashup: Virtual realities and shiny workout shorts

The Mashup: Virtual realities and shiny workout shorts. (CBS12)

Snapchat 3-D:

We have been hearing about virtual reality for a while now.

On Snapchat and Instagram you can put filters over pictures and videos real-time. But, this is different.

Snapchat just unveiled 3-D world lenses that put 3-D images into your world.

When you click on your Snapchat lenses you'll see them.

Check them out for yourself to see what all it has to offer!

Facebook Augmented:

Facebook also just build a similar feature.

Mark Zuckerberg announced the new feature at the F-8 Conference yesterday.

It's called "Augmented Reality" which consists of overlaying graphics on the world in front of you in real-time.

But on Facebook, it is still just in the testing phase.

Gold Workout Shorts:

Apparently gold lamenting is making a comeback in the workout world.

Celebrities are obsessing over shiny running shorts.

They come in every color, but they're not cheap.

The Nike's are the least expensive at $65.

And they are all sold out at the moment. So make sure you get yours fast when they restock!

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