The Mashup: Stress, napkin strengths and spending less time in bed


We are very stressed:

News flash - Americans are very, very stressed out! We certainly not as calm as we used to be, and apparently, we can blame this on the last election.

In fact, we just broke the psychological stress record.

In October, the American Psychological Association released the results of a "Stress In America" survey and found that 52 percent of Americans were stressed out about the election.

Americans were polled again three months later in January. The results showed the first significant increase in stress since the poll launched 10 years ago.

Napkins' strengths:

If you're struggling with a challenge in your life, or if your child is struggling, try this simple technique that one mental health expert says works.

Grab a piece of paper and a pen, then trace your hand, or you child's. Write down your five greatest strengths, one on each finger.

Next time you face a challenge, pick a finger and use that strength to resolve your problem.

Research shows identifying and applying your strengths increases happiness, well-being and even academic performance.

Spend less time in bed:

And if you're having trouble sleeping, you might want to spend less time in bed.

It sounds strange, but a sleep expert says extending your time in bed creates more shallow sleep.

You need to shorten the amount of time in bed to basically thicken it up and create more restful sleep.

He also says practicing yoga before bed is a secret sleep weapon and will help you get deeper sleep.

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