The Mashup: Snapchat secrets, money master and eclipses

The Mashup: Snapchat secrets, money master and eclipses. (WPEC)

Snapchat secrets:

Now that Snapchat has filed paperwork to go public, we have learned a lot about the super secretive social media company.

First of all, the company's ghost logo makes a lot more sense now. Snapchat's original name in 2011 was Pic-A-Boo.

About 158 million people use Snapchat everyday. They spend an average of 30 minutes a day snapping.

Snapchat made more than $400 million last year, but lost almost $500 million.

One of the company's founders makes double what the other makes: $500,000 compared to $250,000. A third co-founder sued claiming he was pushed out and received a $150 million settlement.

Money master:

If you are struggling with your finances, one expert says it may be time to declutter your emotions.

  • Have a daily practice of clearing space: Keep your desk clean, but also remove any emotional clutter.
  • Release the tension in your body: When stress takes over, you will notice it impacts your finances. Try running, massage, meditation or yoga.
  • Go on a social media diet: Facebook and Instagram can trigger your "I'm not good enough" emotions.
  • Stop undervaluing yourself: Don't settle for less than you deserve.
  • Stop leaking energy on things that don't serve you: Where you leak energy, you leak money.

Life changing eclipses:

This is the month to change your life. In fact, it's written in the stars.

This month, we have two eclipses, giving the chance to make big changes.

One is this Saturday, and the other is Feb. 26.

Change born out of an eclipse nearly always works out for the best.

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