The Mashup: Melatonin pills, procrastination and a friendlier office


Melatonin concerns:

If you take Melatonin to sleep at night, some new information about the supplements may shock you. Scientists are now saying taking Melatonin pills every night could e a potentially deadly habit.

Canadian researchers found a quarter of Melatonin supplements have high levels of Serotonin. Symptoms can range from confusion and headaches to seizures.

Experts say it's important that you use a high quality supplement.

Stop procrastinating:

Science says one out of five people are chronic procrastinators. Here are some ways to deal with it.

  • Do the hardest thing first.
  • Start your day over midday; this forces you to shorten your window of procrastination.
  • Break the work into small pieces.
  • Tell other people.
  • Set your clock ahead. If you think you have 15 minutes left, it can make you work a lot faster.
  • Plan a day! Take everything you've been avoiding and get it done in one fail swoop.

Friendlier office:

If you want a friendlier office, you need this one design feature: design your office like a bar.

No, not with alcohol, but with standing desks.

By keeping yourself at eye level with passers-by, you'll be more likely to engage them in conversation and form bonds. Employees will be happier and more productive.

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