The Mashup: Instagram ads, fulfillment and solving confrontation

The Mashup: Instagram ads, fulfillment and solving confrontation. (WPEC)

Instagram ads:

The U.S. Government is cracking down on celebrities, sending more than 90 letters to celebrities, athletes and others influences reminding them to clearly state their relationship to any company they are promoting on their social media sites.

Someone like Kim Kardashian being paid to promote a product must say so or use the hashtag ad or endorsement.

Celebs make serious side cash doing social media endorsements, nearing the tens of thousands of dollars per post.

The FTC says consumers should be able to notice the disclosure easily.

Secret to fulfillment:

One of the longest studies ever done on fulfillment shows one simple thing that makes us happy, and it's not money!

Harvard tracked the physical and emotional well-being of two groups of people over 75 years old -- a group of poor men living in Boston and a group of Harvard graduates.

They found no matter what your background or income level, the most important thing for a fulfilling life is good good relationships. They keep ups happy and healthy!

What to say if you're in a fight:

We've got the magic words you should write to a co-worker if they send you an angry or curt email.

Take a deep breath and write back, "When can we meet?"

Many times, we misinterpret emails and make it worse by responding with a nasty email.

Experts say meeting in person clears up any confusion.

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