The Mashup: Handbags, avocados and trick to happiness

The Mashup: Handbags, avocados and trick to happiness.

Popular handbags:

Pinterest users are obsessed with some new handbag trends right now, some of them are as cheap as $30.

The crossbody bags from Free People come in great colors, and they're only $30.

The woven messenger bag is $63 and comes in navy black and red.

Urban Outfitters also has a vegan leather tote that's really popular right now. It only costs $59.

The crossbody bag from Madewell is a little more expensive. It starts at $148 but is still well worth it.

Wash your avocado:

It is important to always was your avocado before eating them.

The skin of the avocado is tough, so most people may not think that bacteria and pesticides get into the fruit.

Well, when you cut into an avocado, your knife can drag those harmful things into the flesh.

So always wash your avocado first!

Trick to happiness:

Science says our brain is hardwired to be happy, if you know one simple trick.

The key? Music!

Researchers say people who listened to positive, upbeat music remembered positive and upbeat memories that instantly make them happier.

So if you're feeling blue, put on some music that makes you feel good!

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