The Mashup: Facebook and Snapchat, visitors and stinky salad


Facebook and Snapchat:

Facebook is cloning Snapchat once again.

The Snapchat-like feature just launched in your Facebook messenger app.

It's called Messenger Day, but it's basically pictures and videos that you can post with filters and stickers and comments over them. They also disappear just like Snapchat's stories.

Facebook launched the same feature in Instagram recently as well.

What visitors notice:

When you invite someone to your house, do you ever feel like they're judging you?

Well, they are! A new survey is out showing the most common things people notice when they visit someone else's house.

Messiness. Yes, they notice those dishes in your sink.

Bright walls. Guests especially don't like red walls. It's best to stick with neutral.

They're judging your furniture placement and probably rearranging things in their heads.

Light. Natural light flooding a room is sure to cause a good impression.

And finally, plants. People love plants if they're alive and well, but it can be a negative if they're wilted and tired.

Suzanne's Stinky Salad:

Suzanne's Stinky Salad is now hitting the big time!

CBS12's promotion director has agreed to give the entree top billing on the back of the program at the CBS12 Health and Wellness Fair.

The eggs, cheese and dressing are what makes the salad stinky.

For the full recipe, go to Suzanne's Instagram page @NewsWithSuze.

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