The Mashup: Drugs v Smartphones, admiration and McDonald's table service

The Mashup: Drugs v Smartphones, admiration and McDonald's table service. (WPEC)

Drugs v. Smartphones:

Your smartphone addiction may be saving you from other ones, according to some new research.

Researcher say American teenagers are less likely to try or regularly use drugs or alcohol when they are constantly connected to the smartphones.

Scientists say technology can be just as addictive as drugs because we are constantly stimulated and entertained.

Researchers say the other theory is that teens are consumed by phones that they don't have time for partying.

To be admired:

If you want to be more likable, you might want to think about switching the focus off of you.

Here are some habits that will attract others to you.

  • Do a five-minute favor for someone. This can be as simple as making an introduction or recommending someone on Linkedin.
  • Share positive experiences. Sharing good things will make you and those around you happier.
  • Listen. Let others talk about themselves.
  • Send a kind text or email.
  • Look people in the eye, smile and say hello.
  • Relax and be more spontaneous.

McDonald's table service:

And now in Boca Raton ,the McDonald's on Federal Highway near the Fifth Avenue Shoppes is one of the fisrt in the entire US to offer table service.

McDonald's calls it its new "guest experience" - including modern decor, self-ordering at a kiosk and table service.

They're rolling it out nationwide, but the Boca McDonald's is one of the first to adopt it.

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