The Mashup: Data dress, flu season and personality changes

The Mashup: Data dress, flu season and personality changes (WPEC)

Data Dress:

The way you buy clothes is about to drastically change, and it's the wave of the future.

H&M has teamed up with Google for a project called "Data Dress".

It's an app that learns about you. It monitors your daily activity and lifestyle and then designs a personalized dress for you. If you walk a lot, the material may be different than if you do a lot of sitting.

The app is currently in the testing phase.

Flu season:

If it seems like everyone is getting the flue, it's because they are. We are in the peak of flu season right now.

The virus continues to spread in 40 states, and has already killed 15 children this season.

The states where it's the worst: New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and South Carolina.

Doctors say it's not too late to get the flu shot.

Personality change:

It's not your imagination, you actually are a different person in California. And in New York, Colorado and Florida.

A new study shows your personality changes when you move to a new place. Your character traits like anxiety and extroversion vary from state to state.

For instance, people in the Northeast are not anxious in their romantic relationships like those on the West Coast.

People in the Southeast and Midwest tend to be more agreeable.

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