The Mashup: Amazon parachutes, Facebook TV and women's wandering eyes

The Mashup: Amazon parachutes, Facebook TV and women's wandering eyes. (WPEC)

Amazon parachutes:

We are learning more about Amazon's plans to deliver your packages via drone.

It suggests Amazon is considering keeping its drones high above homes and dropping packages using parachutes with magnets.

Right now, Amazon is conducting some tests overseas.

Facebook TV app:

Facebook is making some changes to how you're watching videos in your feed.

First, videos will mimic the audio settings on your device. If the device audio is on, the audio on your Facebook video will play.

Second, Facebook will no longer crop vertical video, making it more like Snapchat.

Third, users will now be able to watch a video and pull it to the side of their feed while they scroll through their news feeds.

But the big news is the introduction of streaming apps, which will allow users to watch Facebook videos from their TVs.

What women look at:

And here's some interesting new research on what women look at first when they're looking at other women.

This new study on the female body from a woman's perspective shows women looked at the hips and waist of other women the most. Next was the head, upper body and legs.

But here's the interesting thing. They discovered from this research if women were more confident about an area of their own body, they were less likely to gaze at it on another women.

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