Polygram app in #TheMashup

Polygram app in #TheMashup. (WPEC)

There's a new iPhone app called Polygram.

It uses artificial intelligence and your phone;s camera to record your unique facial expressions, and then it makes a customized emoji from them.

So you can post a picture or video or message and the emojis play in the bottom, changing expression based on your real one.

The app is free, but only on the iPhone.


If you want to look like Miranda Kerr, or at the very least have flawless skin like her.

You'll want to hear about the one beauty ingredient she swears by.

The active ingredient in her products-noni extract. The fruit was first introduced to her by her grandmother.

Her favorite product is Nony glow face oil.

She says she has religiously used it every night. It's trans-formative, and has helped her turn back the clock.


Here's a strange new study on what may be increasing your risk of getting a sunburn.

Your midnight-snacking habit might be putting you at higher risk for sunburns.

When tested in mice, erratic eating patterns were connected to increased incidence of sunburn and long-term skin damage.

Late-night eating appears to disrupt the biological clock, which affects your ability to repair your DNA damaged by UV rays.

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