Coffee breath or heart attack in #TheRobyFiles

Coffee breath or heart attack in #TheRobyFiles. (MGN)

The rock I am not, but now thanks to Swedish researchers, I have a really good excuse or should I say scientific reason.

If you go to the gym don't take pain medications if you get sore. The new research finds drugs like Ibuprofen interfere with the muscles natural healing process after a tough workout.

That means your muscles don't get any bigger, so the next time I go to the gym I have to feel the burn if I want the gun show.


Life is about tough choices, do you get rid of your coffee breath or have a heart attack?

New research out of the University of Texas finds using mouth wash every morning increases your chance of a heart attack. Here's the deal, mouth wash rids your body of Nitric Oxide, that is the same chemical that helps regulate blood pressure.


Clowns all over the country have a real reason to cry.

Many clowns are finding themselves unemployed, some have even had the cops called on them.

All because of this, the remake of Steven King's best seller "It." That's a story about a killer clown.

It hits theaters September 8, that means it could be a lean fall for clowns, because who will want to hire them for birthday parties after this?

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