#AskShannon about kids and the gun in your house

#AskShannon about guns and kids. (WPEC)

This week’s question comes from Rachel.

“My husband has decided to buy a weapon for the home for safety reasons. I am beside myself because we have two small boys, seven and nine that are really interested in guns. Should I tell them the gun is in the house? How do I keep them safe from their curiosity?"

Expect that the kids are going to find the weapon but I wouldn't tell them it's there because that will pique their curiosity and they don't have a lot of impulse control.

By expecting them to find it you will keep it in a safe and have a secondary gun lock on the gun. Keep the ammo and the gun separate and teach the child that if they come in contact with a gun to get out of the room immediately and go find an adult.

Another good idea is to role play with them.

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