#AskShannon on Valentine's Day stress

Today's Question comes from Lexi.

"Once again, this Valentine's Day I'm alone. I don't know how to stay out of having a pity party with myself with all the Valentine's hype. Please help."

Number one, make a gratitude list.

Number two, celebrate yourself. Get together with girlfriends and do for yourself what you would want someone to do for you.

Number three, do something for somebody who is having a difficult time. Doing for others always takes you out of your own personal pity party.

We have another question from Greg.

"I'm in a relationship and I feel like I somehow never get it right for my girlfriend. Any ideas on how to please her?"

Don't follow the crowd and just do flowers and candy. Take time over the next week to really listen and pay attention to what's important to her. Believe me, there will be hints everywhere. Give her a gift that fits who she is and what she loves.

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