The new fad in hangover recovery

IV treatments as a hangover recovery remedy. WPEC.

Planning to celebrate this St, Patrick's Day but worried about feeling the effects of one, or two, too many?

It's the morning after and the party is definitely over.

You had too many drinks the night before and are suffering from a hangover that will have you sidelined for hours, or longer.

Well, this may be the solution; It's called IV2You, a new service out of Boca Raton that actually brings the IV treatments to you to help re-hydrate your body in the fastest way.

"It has lactated ringers which is equivalent to the body's blood and it has vitamins and minerals that tend to be depleted when someone is drinking," said IV2You founder Dr. Lena Edwards.

Lindsey Swing is giving it a shot.

After all, IV therapy is emerging as the holy grail in hangover cures.

"I actually heard about it at the Sophia Vergara wedding," said Swing. "She had an IV therapy mobile truck come to the Breakers after her wedding for all of her guests so they could replenish and go on with their weekends without feeling symptoms."

The IV2You treatment takes about 30 minutes.

2-Revive Therapy contains electrolytes, anti-nausea medication, and anti-heartburn medication to help you hydrate and improve an upset stomach.

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