The Mashup: Probiotics, improving your life and Facebook town hall

The Mashup: Probiotics, improving your life and Facebook town hall. (WPEC)

No probiotic:

If you're taking probiotics or thinking about it, you'll want to hear about some new research.

Probiotics are live bacteria and yeasts; they're said to be good for your digestive system.

However, research out of Australia shows that probiotics are only good for people who are unhealthy or eat junk food.

If you have a healthy diet, probiotics are likely not going to improve your gut health and could actually cause memory problems.

Improve your life:

If you're looking to improve your life and your business, here are some things you can do today to get better:

  • Write down your goals, both short-term and long-term.
  • Get passionate, but spend nothing. Find new activities to try for little money, and see what sticks.
  • Get out and talk with new people. You might find a new business partner or at the very least your perspective.
  • Get active on social media. Be yourself and share your thoughts. This is a great way to grow your brand and increase connections.

Facebook Town Hall:

Facebook is helping to get more involved in your community. It has just added a new feature called "Town Hall" that helps you find and connect with your local, state and federal lawmakers.

Just go to the "More" menu on your Facebook mobile app and click on "Town Hall". Enter your address, and it will give you a list of all your representatives and how to contact them.

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