The Mashup: Oils or sugar, bad energy, and Facebook's impact on happiness


Oils or Sugar

Whole Foods is debunking the idea of the benefits of good oils like olive oil, coconut oil or even avocado oil.

The owner of Whole Foods, John Mackey, says that he doesn’t think that any oil is good for you.

He says that what we are doing is just taking the fat out of the whole plant.

Mackey says that these oils are just as bad or worse for you than sugar, and that those oils are even more caloric.

Bad Energy

You could have items in your home right now that are bringing you bad energy.

Feng shui experts say that you need to get rid of these items as quickly as possible:

  • Dried flowers
  • Pointy plants
  • Broken objects
  • Unwanted gifts
  • Anything negative

Facebook's Impact on Happiness

A more rigorous study has confirmed that the more you use Facebook, the worse you will feel.

Harvard business review used three different waves of data.

Tracking Facebook usage and changes in our mental health.

And they found that real world social interactions have a positive impact on life.

But using Facebook actually decreases or sense of well-being.

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