Housework, selfies and alarm clocks in #TheMashup


If you do more than 28 hours of housekeeping work and taking care of the kids, you know, work you're not paid for, listen up.

A new study shows those kind of people can only handle up to 39 hours of paid work a week.

The study says women who do most of the caretaking at home should really only work a 34-hour work week at their paid job.

Everyone loves to take them, but no one likes to look at them. We're talking about selfies.

A new study shows people hate looking at other people's selfies in their feed, but still love posting their own.

And if you want to take up happy, change your alarm clock.

Try a daylight simulation alarm clock. It starts waking you up with natural light.

Research shows this helps you feel less groggy.

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