Woman accused of stabbing 8-year-old babysitter

Police say a woman in Pennsylvania stabbed her 8-year-old babysitter in the head after an argument.

It happened Friday afternoon at a home in Collingdale.

Police told CNN affiliate WPVI the woman, identified as 21-year-old Majeah Bashir, became angry over how the 8-year-old was babysitting her young daughter.

Neighbors awoke to chaos.

"I just heard a cry, 'Oh! She stabbed the girl, she stabbed the girl with a knife," said neighbor Matthew Geepue.

The girl is recovering in the hospital.

Police told WPVI they have been to the home before. At one point, police said the woman chased her boyfriend down the street with a hammer in the middle of a snowstorm.

Family members and police want justice.

"She deserves everything she gets," said Collingdale Chief Robert Adams.

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