SUV crashes into day care center; hits multiple babies

SUV crashes into day care center; hits multiple babies. (CNN Newsource / KSAT)

A SUV that crashed into the Choo Choo Xpress Child Care in Texas Friday morning injured seven people including infants, according to Cibolo Police.

CNN affiliate KSAT reports that an elderly woman accidentally stepped on the acceleration instead of the brake, causing the car to launch through the wall and strike multiple people.

The care center manager Kendra Aparicio says the children were playing on the floor, when suddenly a car came crashing 20 feet into the building.

"All the babies were playing on the floor, and we noticed it was a vehicle," she says. "I just saw babies rolling . . I freaked out."

Aparicio tells KSAT that the babies in that playroom were between 5 months to 20 months old. She also says that one of the teachers ended up under the SUV, with two babies in her arms. Reports also say that other babies had rolled under the vehicle as well, but left with minor injuries.

"It was as a big miracle because four babies have been released," Aparicio says. "One is staying for observation and just thank God nobody else."

Police say the elderly woman driving the SUV was also taken to a local hospital for treatment.

The cleanup process has already begun, and the center says they hope to be open Monday morning.

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