Son finds mother beaten to death inside home

Philadelphia police are investigating the case of a woman who was beaten to death inside her home.

According to CNN affiliate WPVI, officers arrived at the scene Friday night to find not only a woman bludgeoned to death, but also a ransacked interior.

Kevin, a neighbor of the victim, told WPVI that the victim's son had just come home from work.

"He came running outside all upset, screaming and ranting and raging that someone had killed his 57-year-old mother," he said.

WPVI reports that family members notified police that several items were missing.

Authorities say the victim was last seen Friday morning, but the exact time of death is still unknown.

"She was suffering obvious trauma to her head. She was also laying in a pool of blood," said Philadelphia Police Chief Inspector Scott Small.

"She didn't deserve this," Kevin said. "She walked with a cane. Why would somebody want to hurt her?"

Police say they are looking through surveillance video to identify the killer.

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