Crowds protest mother's deportation in Phoenix

The drama over potential immigration changes played out in Phoenix.

Police arrested a number of protesters who blocked vans leaving a U.S. immigration office Wednesday night, reportedly carrying a mother of two en route to deportation.

Authorities took Guadalupe Garcia de Rayos into custody shortly after she stopped at the office for a routine check-in.

According to the Associated Press, the activists said it was an attempt by President Donald Trump's administration to deport immigrants living in the country illegally who had previously not been a priority for deportation under the Obama administration.

Her 16-year-old son spoke at a rally.

"We've had to live with a constant fear that at any moment my mom could be taken away from us," said Angel.

Police said they arrested seven people during what they called a peaceful protest.

Local media reported Rayos came to the United States as a 14-year-old. Phoenix station KTAR reported that she was arrested in 2008 during a workplace raid and was later convicted of felony identity theft for possessing false papers.

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